my xlobby setup

Thanks for sharing the information.

This is the first time I am seeing that someone is dynamically creating Xlobby screens with a perl script. I guess that it would work as long as the screen-name exists when you boot the xlobby.

I would rather dynamically update a xml database and use Xlobby's built-in database manipulation tools to extract the information on the screen.
i've only been playing w/ xlobby for about 2-3 weeks so i'm not very familiar w/ all that xlobby can do. this was the fastest, most straighforward way to build screens from my existing database of devices.

can you point me to some examples of doing the database manipulation you mention?
I don't believe I can cover all the aspects with one post. But in a nutshell, Xlobby works with xml databases - there is database for everything movies, music, weather, RSS feeds etc. You can also create custom databases.

My suggestion was to create one or more databases which covers all your home automation devices. You can create custom fields for each device (name, location, status etc). You can also assign images (png files) to a given field for a GUI. Once you have the databases setup, your Perl script can directly write to the databases. Within Xlobby, you have all the functions to manipulate the databases - refresh, sort, custom search etc. and also there are various options to display the databases.

I hope you get the gist. You can always ask for specific help on the Xlobby forum.