MyElk 2.3 VB.Net 2.0 port


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Since I can't post to downloads I'll post this here.

LEGAL STUFF: I have NOT tested this at all. All I did was redo some of the code so it would load in .net 2.0. I never ran it in Homeseer. I can provide NO support for this. I have a day job. I make NO guarantee this will even work. If anything happens due to your use of this code, I am NOT responsible. It's provided AS IS! I have no doubts there are bugs in here, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

As long as you agree to my legal stuff, download and enjoy. If you find bugs, post the fix so everyone can get it.



  • MyElk23.vb
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I really have no idea. I I had to guess I would say only HS2, but I really don't know. Download it and try it.
can anyone else download this file?

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