Myro:Home alarm system control issue

As always, thanks for all the help.  This is a great site.
If I go to my physical HAI OmniPro keypad that is on the wall, i punch in a 4 digit code plus # to activate the alarm and 4 digit code plus # to deactivate the alarm.  The # seems to be the "send" command, i'm guessing.
On the Myro:Home app, When I hit the lock/unlock button on the security tab, it takes me to a digital keypad.  For some reason, FACE ID on iOS pops up and I get the message !!INVALID CODE SAVED!!
Then if i try to type in the 4 digit code, there is no "#" on the digital keypad.  Only 1-9 and a "cancel" and a "clear".  
So I can't activate or deactivate the alarm from devices.  Any thoughts on how I might correct?
Also, are any of you experts located in Southern California?  Would love to chat.  
Appears to be an Apple iOS issue more than an issue with the Myro:Home application.
I have the OmniPro 2 panel here and continue to utilize the Leviton Snaplink application for Windows and or Android and they work just fine.
At home utilize OmniPro 5.7e touch screens and OmniPro Touch software running on tabletop touchscreens.  Works fine for me.
I tested, but only use Face ID.  Works fine.  Latest IOS and app.  Also, if that fails, you can enter your iPhone password and it works.  Once you setup for Face ID you just used your iPhone password instead. You can turn off Face ID in the settings and just use a normal code.  Send a note to the developer. They respond quickly. Great folks.  SJ