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MythTV front end - Pi3, Pi4 or ?


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Wanting to set up another TV with access to my existing backend and also be able to do internet videos.  Have a Pi3 but have heard they can be laggy.  Could do a Pi4.  What other low cost options are there these days?  I have an AirTVmini for sling and don't think I need windows for any other protected internet stuff.  Planned to run Linux for Mythtv and hopefully that can do everthing else.  About the only other things we use are Amazon Prime video and some unprotected stuff - youtube and others.  Could be wired or wireless for the network connection.


Here using a now couple of years old S912 / 8 core / 3Gb Android TV box converted to Linux OpenELEC.  I have two of these configured and they have not been an issue.  There is chit chat now that the S912 chipset OpenELEC will no longer be supported for next version of KODI.  That said I wouldn't pay more than $50 for an el cheapo TV box where you get more features built in than an RPi.  The RPi was used a bit at hardware version 2 and it worked OK but I like now that the S912 does well with 4K and Atmos surround sound.  I did have a Samba streaming issue with the NAS / KODI stuff.  Fixed it by mapping the shared drives on the NAS on bootup of the KODI box rather than a static link configured in the KODI GUI.  
I've had issues with the updates to You Tube video watching on Linux KODI.  Even after configuring a Google APi account.  Thinking this works fine on Android KODI.
That is my opinion only.
It streams well from the internet / NAS box.
MythTV is connected to two HDHomerun boxes with OTA.  It works fine but lately not using it much.  On the same MythTv box (running Ubuntu 18.04) I have LMS server (latest version) and Plex Server (not using Plex that much)
Utilize KODI AOD and Netflix somewhat.  


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 I don't use Myth but it can be used with Kodi as a front end, Kodi runs on pretty much anything but my choice is an Odroid N2 or N2+ SBC running CoreElec. The Odroid N2 is an Amlogic 922X based and has a logical I/o layout unlike a Rasperry Pi, can use EMC memory or a Micro Sd card and has a built in IR receiver.