Napco Gemini 2-Way Keyfob


Has anyone tried a Napco Gemini 2-Way Universal LCD Keyfob with 2-Way Receiver? i am looking for a wireless key remote with a open air range of 500+ feet. Any ideas?
bobr said:
I am looking for a wireless key remote with a open air range of 500+ feet. Any ideas?
I don't know about Napco, but curious on your requirements, do you need "any" keypad as long as it covered your distance (say an X-10 remote type)?

Also, is your 500 ft range requirement directional or a 360 degree?
I am looking for a small in car style or key chain remote that can be very reliable. i am not against x10, but haven't seen any x10 style remotes that had a long range.

directional 500' is acceptable. i likely need to mount the reciever outside due to the house being very energy efficient(cel phones don't work well inside, but do outside.)

the intent is to i/f to elk m1g.

Lots of options then, though I can't say if they will give you the 500 ft you ask for. Here is an X-10 option.

Throwing cost aside I would say investigate the W800 RF Receiver from WGL Designs and use THIS antenna with it (placement may be critical for increased distances). Note that the W800 can talk directly to the Elk.

I would also think that a palm pad remote would give you better distances than a small keychain remote, but I understand the reason for the smaller size you request.

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THanks for the suggestion. i had looked at the w800 before but didn't realize it would connect directly to the rs232 of the elk. i need to consider it for other applilcations as well.

i also lilke the external antenna of the w800. Do you know how far away from the w800 the antenna can be located? Is it limited to the length of the included cable?

They mention that it works with RF repeaters. Any of them that you have experience with?

I also like the 2-way capability of the napco key fob. I have never heard of any 2 way keyfob like x10 devices. Have you?
I don't know the technical limitation of the maximum distance that can exist between the W800 and its external antenna. I can tell you though that I have the "home-made" antenna (referenced in the How-To link above) installed in my attic with about 80 or 100 ft of RG-6 coax connected to my W800 and it works fine.

You could probably extend the RS-232 link to the unit itself thus further extending the overall distance (from the Elk or computer). What kind of distances were you thinking about?

I don't know of any two way X-10 remote capability. I also don't have any experience with RF repeaters (used with this device).
does this key fob disarm the system as well? That seems like a bad idea in the event that your keys get lost.
It could disarm the system. the napco key remote i was mentioning is a larger unit. more like a garage opener then a key chain component.
Just as another option - what about the Caddx wireless? It is very reliable and integrates great with the Elk, albeit more expensive than W800. But especially if you need to every use it for security as well...
Caddx is an interesting option. i can't find a spec on the open air range, but it appears there is a quick bridge repeater that i could use to help with the 500+' range.

do you know of a caddx unit with an detached antenna that i could mount outside the house?

the repeater doesn't seem like it is designed for out door mounting though.

also, i haven't seen any key/car remotes that are 2-way(not a hard requirement, but seems nice).
The Caddx receiver attaches to the M1 485 data bus so it can go anywhere. I was thinking about putting the receiver in the attic inside the enclosure (shown in link above). I was told it is 500 feet range open air. Don't know of an external antenna for it but since the receiver can go pretty much anywhere that may be sufficient.