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For your enjoyment... Electron can explain to you what they are.


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Was this the thing they were talking about on the news this morning that was too fragile to land on water or land so they were going to try to catch it with a helicopter? If so, oops.
Not TOO major, everything was perfect the whole long mission, except for the parachute at the end. So, would NASA say that 99% of the mission was successful? B)
I guess the Projectot Manager didn't relize the Engineers were being sarcastic when they said we'll use a helicopter to catch it.
They said the mission cost around 260Mill. Odds are they will return nothing of value out of the mission. Nice! My bet is they used english measurements again. Those clowns. Ahh, in all honesty, the science is amazing. I do hate to see such a failure.
I am not sure what this probe actually did - but presumably it was continuously transmitting data back while in orbit? If so, then hopefully it wasn't a total failure. My kids got a kick out of watching the video of the crash - they likened it to the way we fly our model rockets - we don't have great track-record, but the entertainment factor is way up there!
It wasn't transmitting was actually out there to collect real samples of the solar wind particles and then bring them back to earth for study. This is why the return phase was so important.
Man, Nasa just cant catch a break (no pun intended). A true shame that this mission failed. Heard that the materials that were to be returned would have given them a few years worth of research.
from what I can tell, not all of the science is lost, and Treetop, don't forget about those 2 rovers that are roaming around on Mars right now, the Saturn mission, the Stardust mission, etc ... so they aren't doing 'too' bad :unsure: