NEC: 61-inch Wide Plasma Monitor


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TOKYO, January 13th, 2004, NEC Plasma Display Corporation today announced the launch of two 61-inch wide plasma monitors from the PlasmaSync(tm)61XM2+series (a grey bezel model, and a silver bezel model) that are equipped with "Enhanced Split Screen" ability - a high quality, high performance Double Picture function. Sales will commence on February 1st, 2004 to meet various uses mainly in multimedia presentation and public display applications with different release dates for each region. NEC Plasma Display Corporation is targeting 25% of the world commercial market share with its 11 model line up.


  • NEC's own two fully digitalized signal-processing circuits enable clear, high definition, progressive scanning images on both screens without signal deterioration. This has resulted in significant improvement in readability of the sub-screen.
  • The double picture display is enabled through "side-by-side" and "picture-in-picture" screen modes available on all input systems.
  • In the side-by-side mode, three aspect ratio patterns can be selected from the full-sized display. This monitor supports information systems combining text data and advertisements, as well as vertically installed digital advertisement systems.
  • In the side-by-side mode, both screens can be enlarged by up to 900% enabling creation of presentations that consist of small data enlargement and their comparison.
  • The new monitor is equipped with a variety of functions that are useful for presentations. For example, the "Zoom Navigation" function enables enlargement of any portion of the main screen and its display on the sub-screen for confirmation. The "Picture Freeze" function allows storing of images and their display on the sub-screen.
  • The "Seamless Switch" function enables switching of two input signals without any time lag. This monitor responds to needs for instant signal switching making it appropriate for various applications ranging from monitoring systems to bowling alley score display systems.
In October 2003, NEC launched a high quality 61-inch wide plasma monitor with fully digitalized signal processing on the market. This monitor boasts the highest image quality on the industry's largest sized screen. Recently, demands for high performance split screen mode are increasing for a variety of purposes including office and school presentations and for information displays in commercial facilities. The "Enhanced Split Screen" was newly developed for NEC's 61-inch plasma monitors.

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