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Need a counter for my rain gauge.


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Can anyone help me find a counter for my rain gauge. I would sure like to complete this weather station. Thanks.



Welcome to the Cocoontech forum Jerry!
For rain here utilize the original Dallas 1-wire tipping bucket, Digital rain (which works a few different ways), Davis tipping bucket and an el cheaper weather station tipping bucket).  
Used dual 1-wire dual counters for lightning sensor, water meters and Rain.
Relating to utilizing 1-wire instruments over the years best software was primarily weather software.
(today you have Cumulus, WeeWx and Weather display and more).
I do not count new weather hubs as these are dependant on the cloud to work are all propietary.
I am tinkering today with using MQTT and Node Red relating to just 1-wire stuff at this time and iOT.
In the early 2000's here utilize Homeseer automation running in Windows that connected to my 1-wire stuff weather station.
It worked fine using Midon Temp0X and Maxim 9097's (multiple networks and multiple controllers all talking to Homeseer with multiple serial and USB connections).
Here primarily while keeping 1-wire stuff running went from the old AAG weather station to a Davis weather station.
Over the years the Davis communications protocal was reverse engineered.  Here went from a serial interface with no buffer to a deluxe serial interface with buffer from Australia that was better than the Davis buffered serial interface cable and shrank Cumulus to running on an RPi2 tacked behind my Davis console.  (wired or wirelessly connected to the network).  Cumulus though never did talk to 1-wire devices such that recently installed WeeWx on same Cumulus RPi.  WeeWx talks to Davis and 1-wire instruments.  I also added a MeteoStick to the mix here.
Just recently went to using WeeWx which has been around for many years and will talk to anything wired or wireless.
Best methodology today would be a multiple protocol weather hub and that has been done and being sold today.
Thinking he is using the Davis mechanisms of transport / language as it was reverse engineered many years ago and it hasn't changed today.
It is a DIY build and the provider does provide a starting base circuit board for the Receiver and Transmitter pieces using wireless.  It is from the EU and here have entertained using it as a one stop shop for all of my weather instruments.


Wrote up a short description with pictures and lost it here relating to security features of the forum. 
Concurrent with this writing is that the forum is getting spammed this morning major like...haven't seen this in a while...
Such that starting again here:
Weatherduino Pro and Pro 2 and Pro 2 +
- Easy to build hardware
- Easy to find components
- Flexible and expandable

The WeatherDuino Pro2 emulates a Davis VP weather station and is fully compatible with Cumulus 1,  CumulusMX or any other software that is compatible to a Davis Vantage Pro weather station.

The WeatherDuino Pro2 system is developed with flexibility in mind.
It can use a wide range of sensors and measuring instruments, making of it an universal system.
From low cost to high end weather instruments, you are free to decide, what instruments and brands you want to use, and the ones that most fit your requirements or budget.

Here is a list of the currently supported weather instruments.

Wind Speed sensors

--- Fine Offset Anemometers ---
Standard FO anemometers
FO anemometer modified with 1 hall effect sensor

--- Inspeed Anemometers ---
Inspeed Vortex, digital 8 pulse revolution
Inspeed Vortex, hall efect sensor
Inspeed Vortex, read switch sensor

--- Davis Anemometers ---
Davis 6410 and 7911 anemometers

--- Novalynx Anemometers ---
Novalynx, model 200-WS-02F

--- Environmental Measurements Limited ---
EML, model WSD1 

--- Didcot Instrument Company ---
DIDCOT, model DWR205

 --- Vector Instruments ---
 Vector Instruments model A100LK
 Vector Instruments model A100L2
 Vector Instruments model A100R

Wind Direction Sensors

--- Fine Offset Wind Vane ---
Standard FO wind vane

--- Inspeed Wind Vane ---
Inspeed E-Vane 2

--- Davis Wind Vane ---
Davis 6410 and 7911 wind vane

--- Didcot Instrument Company ---
DIDCOT, model DWD205

--- Virtually, any wind vane based in a potentiometer, or which have an analog output voltage (0 to 5V)

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

--- Wired Models ---
Fine Offset (PCE, Watson, etc)
Davis 7852
Texas Electronics, model 525
Virtually, any tipping bucket rain gauge

--- Wireless Models ---
Auriol H13726
Ventus W155
Hama EWS 1500
Meteoscan w155 w160
Alecto WS-3500
Balance RF-WS100

Temperature / Humidity Sensors

SHT35 from Sensirion
SHT31 from Sensirion
All SHT2x series from Sensirion
All SHT1x series from Sensirion
DHT21 or DHT22 (low end sensors)

Barometric Sensors

BMP280 (Pro2 PLUS only)
BME280 (Pro2 PLUS only)

UV Sensors

UVM-30A (requires WeatherDuino Solar/UV interface)

Solar Radiation

Apogee SP-110 Pyranometer (requires WeatherDuino Solar / UV interface)
WeatherDuino Solar Cell Pyranometer (requires WeatherDuino Solar / UV interface)

Soil Moisture / Temperature

Vegetronix VH400 / 1-Wire temperature sensor (requires WeatherDuino Soil / Leaf interface)

Leaf Wetness / Temperature

Decagon LWS / 1-Wire temperature sensor (requires WeatherDuino Soil / Leaf interface)

Air Quality Monitor (to be released August 2017)

Air Quality INDEX according to EPA standards
PM2.5 and PM10 readings
Note this is a DIY build for that Weather tinker person in to electronics.