Need A Source For Wire


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I need to buy some wire and am looking for a source local to Syracuse NY so I can avaoid the crazy shipping charges. I can get Cat-5 and RG-6 (copper over steel) at Home Depot but I need a source for the rest of my needs.

Currently looking to buy:

RG-59+18/2 combo zip cable. (Prefer White) For cameras

18/4 Stranded CL2 speaker cable. (White)

RG-6 Quad shield pure copper center (white)

RG-58A/U (50 ohm 20ga stranded center)

Either 500 ft or 1000 ft rolls OK.

If there aren't any local sources, who has the best prices online?


I made my last purchase of siamese cable and connectors at $62.99 for a 250 ft spool, low shipping.