Need Control Of External Audio Source


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I am presently using J River Media Center to control several zones (USB sound cards) for whole house audio. I am muting or pausing the music when Homeseer has something important to say. I would like to be able to input an external audio source (possibly satellite radio or TV audio) and have it under the control of J River Media Center for on/off, muting, pausing, and volume control. I have connected to "Line In" on a sound card and of course it will play through that sound cards speakers but how do I best gain control of the external audio source? I am having a little trouble deciding what would be the best way to proceed. I thought about some type of audio streaming so the player would see it like it does internet radio but I was hoping for a simpler approach.

Thanks! - in advance for any thoughts or ideas.

One way would be using a USBUIRT with an IR transmitter or blaster and Grinder. I've never used it myself, but have read about similar setups.