need gas/co combo sensor


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This morning, the alarm went off because my wife opened the family room windows to release the gas all over the kitchen. She was actually not aware that I ARMed it last night. Anyways, it was her third time to accidentally turn on the stove without a flame. I went down to disarm it, however, while I was on the stairs(almost close to the last step), I smelled the gas.

I would appreciate if someone can recommend a natural gas(Nicor) a sensor and at the same time a carbon monoxide sensor since I only have one 22/4 wire installed in the kitchen. From what I learned previously, gas sensors and co sensors uses 4 conductors like motion sensors.

Thanks! :D

Notice that you are not forced to use one sensor per Zone. In this case, you can buy two normally closed sensor and wire the zone in series. You can also wire two normally open sensors in parallel. Notice that the other two wires (the power) is always wired in parallel.

The tradeoff vs. using two zones is that you will not be able to tell which sensor triggered the alarm. But youi will face the same problem with a dual sensor too.