Need help finding a few items


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I have been searching the next few an hour now and still have not found what i need at a low price. Im not looking for some fancy name brand stuff just simple cables and connectors. I prefer black cables for looks.

Here is what i need.

1.5 to 3ft PC power cord (I found these but want to save on shipping)
I need two Optical Audio Y Splitters
20ft Optical Audio Cable. (Also found this at for a good price but want to save one shipping)
2 - 3ft optical audio cables.

***VGA to Component (3 RCA Male)***
I Actually have a VGA to Component cable but it has female RCA's on it and its not black.

I would like to find all this stuff for the least amount of money. I need to get as much as i can for about $45

If you know where i could find all of this in one store let me know.
Oh... And i could make my own PC cable but all the AC plugs that i have found are too big and bulky. I want something slim and BLACK
I know I told you about this source before, but I am going to mention them again in case people are following this thread:

I do agree with smee that is another great resource, I totally forgot about them.