Need help on decoding on tstats for automation


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I had the RCS TR-16 485, but returned it after some comments I read. espcially not being able to program it.

So I have $400 to spend @ AO. I can prolly go a little more. I have 2 A/C units so I need 2 thermostats. I need programability. would also needs to integrate with elk and cqc on some level.


EDIT: should say Deciding, not decoding on title. DOH!
I know it's over the budget, but 2 Aprilaire 8870's and an 8811 would be $560. I have the manuals if you want to check it out, but they integrate with CQC great.

well, the one does. I opted to get a distro panel, having some issues with my pathetic wiring at the moment so it's currently not connected to CQC.
do the 8870's have an extra box like RCS that needs to mount near HVAC units?
Does it need anymore wiring then what would currently be in my current tstat?

Don't know about RCS, but I just mounted the 5 16ish gauge wires from my furnace to my 8870. took another CAT5 to run to the 8811 RS232 protocol adapter so I could hook into CQC.

Is that what you wanted to know?
so u have another set of wires from the 8870 to the 8811? where does the 8811 sit? near the elk?
I have:
1) 16/5 from 8870->furnace,
2) 1 CAT5 from 8870->8811 which sits next to the server (i'm using CQC directly, you'd run to the Elk if you put control there)
3) 1 CAT5 from 8870->8061 temp sensor module so I can see temps in other rooms without more thermostats.
Have you looked at the HAI tstats? They are much cheaper and are excellent stats. They are one of the highest quality stats I've seen. There's also the newer Z-Wave stats and they are wireless as far as coms goes.