need help port forwarding with diginet 4.13


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i just installed diginet version 4.13 server on my computer. the port settings weren't changed. i have trendnet wireless router . i am trying to watch the cameras from remote location. i tried to do port forwarding and when i tried to view remotely it didn't work. i tried opening many ports and it didn't work. how many ports do i have to open?? i am not sure if i am doing it correctly or not. there are many port numbers in the diginet program so do i have to open all of them??
please help..

You will need to determine all of the ports that are needed and also what type of port it is (TCP/UDP or Both) and forward all of those to your camera or computer IP address. Make sure the IP address is STATIC (doesn't change).

I'm not familiar with Diginet, but the process should be the same, regardless of router make.

Look in your documentation and make sure you have the correct ports. Also, if you are forwarding the ports to a computer, make sure the firewall is setup to allow these ports to be processed. For testing purposes, disable your firewall and virus protection to make sure that those processes are not interfering with the application.

Good luck.
Also make sure that those ports are open at the receiving end. If you're trying to view remotely from work your company's firewall may block some ports.
In the system settings, there is a network settings button that will lists all the ports used by DigiNet.
the computer is connected with the cameras and with wireless router. which ip do i open the port on?? is it the router's ip or the dsl ip? the trendnet wireless router has a firewall that i can't disable from the settings in internet explorer, so is there a way to disable it?