Need help repairing Bios


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Recently I tried upgrading the bios on my L7S7A2 board, but something went wrong, and the machine never booted up. I know you can replace the bios chip on this board with a similar chip, just to get it to boot, so you can plug the bad one back in, and reflash it. Since I don't have any other board here with a similar chip, I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions, or if I should write this board off. It would be nice to build another system since I have enough parts to build another video server. Thanks!
Did you try to reset the bios to defaults with the jumper?

Only other thing I would try to do is remove the battery (if you can) for a few hours then replace it.

Is this the one that I got for you at Fry's (BSR says sheepishly) ;) ?

I was there yesterday and man that store has gone down the tubes since it opened up. Shelves were a mess, popular product items out of stock and it is ALWAYS the SAME things that are on sale. Plus most of their demo items did not work (unplugged or just beat up). That plus the fact their prices are not that great anymore. Newegg usually beats them in pricing (and shipping costs are a wash because of the sales tax you pay at Fry's).

I am gettting more and more disappointed in our Las Vegas Frys with each visit. :angry:
Yea it's the Fry's special. I tried resetting it, but no luck, since this happened right after a bios update, I am sure the Bios is corrupt. If I can find another bios chip which fits in this socket, I can repair it, but it isn't a high priority, I just would hate to waste the motherboard.
electron does the floppy drive try to boot at all? if it does make a boot disk and include just the flash util the bios and a Autoexec.bat file with the commands to launch for the FlashUtil hopefully it works......

if your machine does not look for a floppy disk then i suggest you could try a Hotswap FIX meaning that if you have a motherboard with the same sort of bios chip in boot that PC up and unplug its Bios while it still ON then carefully plug your bad Flashed Bios into the socket load up its s/ware i.e Awardflash it will moan about the settings being wrong hit just flash anyway powerdown and try it hopefully it works.
The hotswap is what I was talking about, the idea is sound, it's just that I don't have another similar bios chip.