Need help switching from GE to Elk M1


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I currently have a basic GE alarm system (its NOT caddx) as I recall its interlogix.

In any case I do not have the security code to get into the admin information ... yet, so I don't have access to everything I probably need.

I do however have a Elk M1 set up and running on a workbench and plan to replace the GE system with the Elk M1.

I think the alarm company is a little skeptical on me doing anything myself so I may need to get an installer to do it. :blink: Apparently this goes against the norm.

1. The alarm monitoring company told me that I need to make sure the Account # in the Elk M1 is set up as the same Account number that is in the GE system. I do have the account number the monitoring company gave me but it is 4 alpha characters followed by 4 numbers, but the only place in ElkRP I see to enter an account number is by area in the telephone properties and it only allows 6 characters. The one I was given is something like ABCD1234.

2. I'm also not sure what to set the telephone reporting format to. Is there a typical setting, or does this vary a lot?

3. I also haven't read a whole lot on the Communicator section but I assume I'll need to configure it.

4. Are there any walk-throughs on this, outside of the install docs?

1. There is a good chance you can find your GE manual at

2. Do you have a contract with your monitoring company? If not, why not cancel with them, do the Elk yourself and use NextAlarm?
Steve said:
2. Do you have a contract with your monitoring company? If not, why not cancel with them, do the Elk yourself and use NextAlarm?
Yes I had to sign a contract to get the home wired for security when it was built.
Ouch, sadly you may also continue paying a higher cost for monitoring (no more than you pay now, but likely no reduction) due to their subsidy of the previous system. :blink:

When you have switched over and use the Elk until you existing contract is over, don't forget to ask in writing to not have the contract automattically roll-over to a new period. This way you can then look into much less expensive monitoring costs that don't include equipment subsidies.

I won't necessarily advertise for those monitoring firms, but I've seen monthly costs as low as $8.95 for full monitoring with dispatch. Others on this forum may be able to provide more experienced advice on the suggested monitoring firms, as I'm just a low cost seeker.
Yes I am stuck for now, but my main concern is turning off the GE system and turning on the Elk M1 system. But I am having some trouble with the items described in my 1st post.
The GE Panels alow for an alphanumeric account number where I think the ELK is a numerical only. If the CS already set up an account with an alphanumeric number I do not think it will work for you.

Will they be nice enough to assign you a new account number that is only numeric?

If they wont there are some options I can think of but none you would like I am sure. I would try asking and be OVERLY nice etc. Heck they will be getting top dollar and not have to support your equipment once you convert over.
Wow, as flexible as the Elk is, I'm suprised at the numeric account only. Elk has very good support once you register the panel. See if they can't help you with this problem.
I posted the question over at the Elk forum and was informed that I can only enter letters A-F. :( Looks like I will be asking the monitoring company to change my account number.