Need help to resolve X10 issues


OK, now that I have put the software decision to rest, I need your help with an x10 setup. It seems that in order to use irrigation and IR distribution I have no choise but to use x10 technology. I could not find products in zwave or insteon that would allow me to use either protocal without any x10 signals. please, someone prove me wrong. I would love to find an irrigation system and IR controler that works in zwave or insteon.

So, in order to test my house wiring, I bought the following:

an x10 remote, model ur74a
transceiver, model rr501
lamp module, model lm465

The thought was that I could put the transceiver in a central location (where I will end up putting the computer with the HA software/interface). Then I would put the lamp module in different rooms and check to see if the signal reaches that area of the house. Needless to say, It works well in a couple of areas and not at all in about half of the house. So I am looking at Automated outlet to see about a coupler or booster. I have found the following:

4827 signalinc signal booster,
227 v blocking coupling filter,
Act coupler/repeater,

I am wondering if I need a booster or coupler or both? I also understand that I may want to put an x10 signal blocker on the outlets that have my TVs and Computers on.

As always, would appreciate all your help.
SYous ;)
Why use X10 for lighting?

Rain8 without X10
Rain8net 20034
There is a single RS232 connection between the controlling computer and the "master" Rain8. The distance between the computer and the controller is up to 1000' and requires only 3 wires: TX, RX and GND.

IR with Ocelot or similar?

I would also say most have different protocols in there house and tie them together via software.
My setup
X10 for motion sensors
Zwave for lighting
Irrigation is with elk-m1
Thanks Tech-home.

Well, I was thinking of using x10 for lighting if I had to use x10 for irrigation. Since you have cleared it for me, I don't want to touch x10 and would rather use zwave for lighting. This would get me away from the reason I had this post.

So I understand correctly, I can use a serial port to connect to Rain8. As for IR, I am just trying to control my Home Theather equipment. I am hoping to use an RF remote to send commands to the HA software so that IT can send a series of commands to the equipment. Ocelot can do this? Also, how do I connect to ocelot? Through another serial/usb port?

For CQC you can use the USB-UIRT ( which is an open air blaster/receiver. You can use the Global Cache GC-100 ( which does contact closures and zoned IR (not open air) and each zone can be configured as a blaster or light sensor. Or, you can use the R2DI PCI ( board which has 4 IR zones, each of which can be configured as a sensor or blaster.

The USB-UIRt is USB of course. THe GC-100 is an ethernet based system (i.e. it just sits on the LAN.) The R2DI is a PCI board so it goes inside the controller computer.

The Rain8 is supported as well and seems to be a quite nice little widget that does it's job well.
Dean answered for IR.

If you go with CQC it doesn't support the Ocelot. I sent Dean one awhile back but I gues the demand is not there yet. It is older and you can use the USB-UIRT as well.

GC is abit more expensive option but is very nice.

My best advice for Zwave is to buy Intermatic brand in everything you can. It has much less problems then ACT stuff. Think is a great Zwave software that has alot of neat features compared to any other software that helps keep the Zwave network running smooth.
It also includes a USB interface that has been getting great reviews.

Good luck and post your progress on Cocoontech
I have a minimal Ocelot driver done, but haven't really got any of the accoutrements to go with it. I was hoping once I got the basic driver done, someone who knows it better and really wants to use it would pick up the driver and take it from there, but that's not happened so far.