Need help with a solution for monitoring a door...


Hi. I have an Elk M1 alarm system with 3 keypads. I have a troubled teen who has been turning off the alarm at night and sneaking out, then resetting when they get back home. I was looking for suggestions on a solution where I could get a text or phone call when the alarm is turned off after a certain hour. A phone call is preferred as I'd be able to hear that on my cell phone better than a text, but either would work.

Any advice?
Can't you create an automation rule which triggers when the door opens/closes within a certain time frame (or if house is in night mode if you're tracking that) that will dial a phone #, or send an email?
Off the top, why not write 2 rules like:

Whenever Area 1 arm state becomes disarmed
And time of day is later than 10PM
then dial telephone number

Whenever Area 1 arm state becomes disarmed
And time of day is earlier than 5AM
then dial telephone number

Everyone feel free to pick it apart
You might get a couple extra calls if you disarm at those times but you would know you did it so you could ignore....
Or you limit when the user code works:

Whenever the time is 10PM
Then disable User 3

Whenever the time is 6AM
then enable User 3

When the teen tries to disarm the alarm after hours, it will fail and either the teen can't leave or the alarm will go off.