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This is my first post here.  Have referred to this site over the years regarding HB products.
Order the HB Barometer back in 2014 to add to my 1W network 'Web Energy Logger' WEL0058  which monitors my Geo heat pump system. Also have two HB Humidity, HB anemometer and HB rain gauge attached to the 1W network.
When barometer was plugged in, some of my other sensors disappeared on 1W network.   Never got around to resolving the problem.
This week using 1W Viewer to figure out what the problem was with the barometer board.  It shows up as 'Device Type: EF' .
Was not sure why so also attached my HB Temp/Humidty (C600000328C3DB28/B500000128433326) sensor board to 1W Viewer since it also uses DS2438 IC as does the barometer board. .
Any suggestions? 
Bob Gausman
Welcome to Cocoontech Bob.
Here years ago separated my 1-wire network with multiple serial controllers. (multiple Temp-08's and Temp-05's and Maxim serial / USB 1-wire controllers).
Relating to the HB Barometer it was on it's own controller with HB direct connect power supply purchased with the Barometer. 
Looking here at an old post from my network saw this:
Hobby-boards barometer and humidity/temp sensor
What I see the the old Temp-05 1-wire network is:
Reading Sensors...
Humidity #01[9600000014CAB326]=53%
Barometer #01[BD000000AEF4A726]=29.50 inHg
Temp #01[9300080013572410]=66.52F
Temp #02[BD000000AEF4A726]=88.14F
Temp #03[9600000014CAB326]=66.65F
Temp #04[7B0008001356AE10]=67.87F
Temp #05[0D00080013544A10]=74.96F
01 9300080013572410 DS1820 OK
02 BD000000AEF4A726 DS2438 OK B
03 9600000014CAB326 DS2438 OK H
04 7B0008001356AE10 DS1820 OK
05 0D00080013544A10 DS1820 OK
The combo HB Humidity-Temperature sensors used a different DC voltage than my combo Midon humidity / temperature sensors.
My very old AAG combo sensors required no supplemental voltage and were tiny (smaller than my index finger nail).
The board did get warm at thie time.  The readings were similiar to my Davis Console.
Here too continued to use the original Dallas rain tipping bucket from the 1990's.
The original weather station here was the old AAG 1-wire weather station.
Take everything off your 1-wire network except for the barometer.
Then add one device at a time checking your stuff as you do this.
Originally wired here in the 1990's in a star topology and left it like that in to the 2000's.
Recommend today is wiring up in a linear fashion.
Thank you Pete for your response to this thread and the many other threads you have responded to in the past.

The barometer I got from Eric was his latest version of the barometer using a new PCB 'Multi-Board v1.0 (c)2014 Hobby Boards' .

I believe I found the problem since my dev-id is 'EF' and not '26' for DS2438 IC .

After much searching, found a copy of the user manual for this version of the barometer. The new dev-I'd 'EF' refers to a custom Hobby Board's 1-Wire device.

Would like to post a photo of this new Multi-Board PCB but guess I do not have enough points yet.

Does any one know where to get a barometer PCB which will respond with a Dallas DS2438 dev-I'd?

Bob G.
Here redoing my 1-wire network which includes a barometer.  Going now with a hub and spoke thing using an RPi, USB 9097, Digitemp, MQTT and Node Red.   My new test network is just using 2 wires, no RJ connections and working fine.  Switched it over from cat5x to 22/2 or 22/4 alarm cable.
The new configuration will be 2-3 RPi's 1-wire networks.  One is already configured for the second floor and attic and new one is for main floor and basement.  3rd one will be for outdoor sensors.  These will be using MQTT / Node Red and the main mother ship will collect the values via MQTT for charting et al. 
I have a few sensors on it and will add the barometer to it shortly.
Stretch175:/opt/digitemp# ./
10A04713000800D9 : DS1820/DS18S20/DS1920 Temperature Sensor
10AE56130008007B : DS1820/DS18S20/DS1920 Temperature Sensor
10A147E900080084 : DS1820/DS18S20/DS1920 Temperature Sensor
10F197E101080043 : DS1820/DS18S20/DS1920 Temperature Sensor
104B5613000800B9 : DS1820/DS18S20/DS1920 Temperature Sensor
265CD3F1000000DC : DS2438 Temperature, A/D Battery Monitor
2606157500000054 : DS2438 Temperature, A/D Battery Monitor
ROM #0 : 10A04713000800D9
ROM #1 : 10AE56130008007B
ROM #2 : 10A147E900080084
ROM #3 : 10F197E101080043
ROM #4 : 104B5613000800B9
ROM #5 : 265CD3F1000000DC
ROM #6 : 2606157500000054
Mar 18 07:47:37 Sensor 0 C: 21.19 F: 70.14
Mar 18 07:47:38 Sensor 1 C: 21.50 F: 70.70
Mar 18 07:47:39 Sensor 2 C: 20.94 F: 69.69
Mar 18 07:47:40 Sensor 3 C: 21.31 F: 70.36
Mar 18 07:47:41 Sensor 4 C: 20.88 F: 69.57
Mar 18 07:47:41 Sensor 5 C: 20.97 F: 69.74 H: 45%
Mar 18 07:47:42 Sensor 6 C: 20.50 F: 68.90 H: 48%
Found the old HB barometer and 15VDC injector for it.  Never opened it so will do that and take a picture of the board.  It came already adjusted for my altitude here.  It is the same one you have.
The old read is here:  Note the high temp for the temperature sensor.  I never used this part of the barometer.
I am guessing that I will see the same rom ID when I connect it to currently testing RPi using Digitemp.
Barometer #01[BD000000AEF4A726]=29.50 inHg
Temp #01[9300080013572410]=66.52F
Temp #02[BD000000AEF4A726]=88.14F
Also found a few of the HB dual counters.  I was using these for water meters and for the original Dallas tipping bucket and original HB DIY'd lightning sensor.
I would guess that the HB's were custom but only where they RJ connect to the 1-wire network.  That has evolved over the years going from RJ11, RJ12 and finally RJ45.  Basically with the original DQ and Ground and then 5VDC, 12 VDC and 15VDC.  At this point of the various voltages was when I just went to using separate 1-wire networks.  I did have issues with the old hobby boards with temperature, humidity and optical sensors.  In fact all of these boards became dysfunctional after using them for a few months so I quit using them.  Thinking it was the humidity chip that went and I did note that later revisions of the board included a newer HIH humidity chip as I have a couple of these HB and Midon boards that work fine today.
Literally all of the 1-wire PC boards ever sold were custom and the chips were all Maxim.  Will take pictures of the barometer board that I have here.  Really here just connected it and left it on line for years; worked fine.  That said went to using my Davis Console barometer and lately using the Meteostick barometer.
Relating to your Barometer board not working, disconnect it from your main 1-wire network and check it out by itself.  It should work.
Here only used the HB 15VDC injector for just the barometer and used two wires DQ and GROUND for the rest of the 1-wire network.   There is an in and out on the injector.  I just connected the out 15VDC to the in on the Barometer and connected the out of the barometer to the rest of the network (it has no voltage on it other than the DQ and Ground).  The temperature sensor on the board was always 10-20 degrees too high so never used it.
I would keep the RJ45 power injector plugged in and just tap two wires on to the board as I have to use with the rest of your 1-wire network.  I am guessing if you do this then it will not take down the rest of the 1-wire network.  Note that this is just a guess.
I have never had issues mixing different types of 1-wire devices on one network (counters, combo sensors, temperature sensors, barometer, weather station).
Thank you Pete for the photo.   My HB Barometer board is different.
[First Photo]
This is the config page for my sensors on my Web Energy Logger...
[Second Photo]
Slot 109 'Indoor Air'  HB Humidity using DS2438 Battery Monitoring IC
Slot 111 'Outdoor Air'  HB Humidity using DS2438 Battery Monitoring IC
Slot 115 'Wind Direction' HB Anemometer Controller using DS2438 Battery Monitoring IC
Slot 122 'Barometer' HB Barometer mounter on 'Multi-Board' PCB - Note device 'EF' = HobbyBoard custom..
This latest Barometer PCB will not work for and will need to make my own board on the old HB v1.0 PCB.  Wish I had a stencil of your Barometer PCB.
Take care,
Bob G.


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From what I can tell looks like Hobby Boards is coming back to life and you might be able to get your board repaired or replaced.
Do you know something do not know about Hobby Board coming back? 
The website went back online last summer with request to email '[email protected]'. 
Last month I did respond to the '[email protected]' with my suggestions such as putting all the legacy documentation / knowledge base back online.
>>At a minimum, would at least like to see you...
>>(1) Upload all the former Hobby-Board documents back onto the website.
>>(2) I had been seen/hear a lot of complaints about the lack of 1Wire sensors now on the market.  
>>If you do not decide to move forward with any more 1-Wire products, at least may be you can sell just
>>the bare HB PCB's so hobbyist can build their own sensors.
>>(3) Not sure will get a response as others had said they emailed but did not get any response from you.
>>(4) Could post/introduce your self  at
and last week, sent another email to the new owner of the website.
Still have not heard any thing.
Take care,
Bob G.
Do you know something do not know about Hobby Board coming back?
Just what I have read here on Cocoontech.
Came across these images of the HB Barometer v1.1 kit. 
Would love to get my hands on on of these boards.
Bob G.


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