Need help with M1 and Wireless Glass Breaks


Man, I'm having a terrible time with these glass breaks (GE NX487). I have 4 of them connected to an ELK M1 using the ELK wireless receiver. The only way I can get them to not show violated is to use Option 2 in the wireless setup. I have no idea what that option is.

With that option I can open the door on the glass break and the status changes to violated and it returns to normal when I close the door. Any other option and it always reports violated.

The problem is I can't get the M1 to trigger an alarm on a glass break. I can (using audio) get the sensor to send an alarm signal (red LED on the unit) and the lights on the ELK receiver flicker like crazy but the M1 still reports normal.

What are the proper settings in M1 for these sensors?

I'm using ELKRP to program.