need help with serial cable for m1xep


i've been reading up, and it seems a lot of people know you can't close the door when you mount the XEP in the circuit glides.. most people mount it in another box, but i'd like to keep everything in the 1 14in box the elk came with.. i'm only adding the XEP and an additional 16input zone card, so while it's a tight fit, it should be doable.. except for the cable.. so help me out here guys and gals.. so far i've come up with this image, whch is the solution

you can see he has it mounted how it'd like to do it, and he has a ribbon type serial cable.. thing is i can't find one of those with a male / female connection .. the member who the photo belongs to is securitybill .. but if anyone knows where i can get that type of cable please send me a link.. it is much appreciated. thanks!
I am using phone wire, since you don't need more than 3 pins for the XEP. What about taking the board out of the box, and mount it flat on the Elk M1 case?
Also look at 1st page of section A of their catalog has DB9 M-F ribbon cable assemblies.

Here's the section of the catalog link.