need help with UPB 3-way switch wiring


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I have read lots of topics, still kind of confused. I am not a stranger to electrical work, but 3-ways always seem to elude me.

I have the same amount and colored wires in both boxes.


One of the blacks is wired together with other blacks in the same box and the other black is in the same line as the red.

One of the switches black wires is coiled around the other black and red wire. I think this means the load from what I understand.

Can someone help me out. I already know the "hire an electrician" spiel.

Chakara: I can follow ur diagram but doesn't look like ur wiring is the same as mine as I have 2 blacks 1 red and white & ground.

rfdesq: How can I find out which box should be the slave switch?

I attached a diagram, can someone connect the dots?


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In normal "Dumb" switch wiring you will have the following:

At one end of the 3-way you will have a BLACK - Hot wire. (it is the one that will also be attached to other black wires that pass in and out of the box). Pigtail a wire from this onto the common terminal of your first 3-way switch.

You will also have a 3 wire romex with a RED/BLACK pair of wires referred to as the "travelers" (one of these wires is always connected to the common through the 3-way)

The WHITE "neutral" wire is the current return leg. (It needs to be tied together through all of the switch boxes from the panel to the load)

At the seccond 3-way switch the travelers go onto the the "gold "colored screws of the switch and the load (aka switch leg) goes onto the common screw of the second 3-way and the neutral passes through to the light

If you sort them out like this frst, then you will be better able to understand the UPB connections.

For smart switches.

At the "master" switch:

Connect the BLACK - Hot lead to the Black wire of the switch

Connect the BLACK - traveler to the Brown wire of the switch

Connect the RED - traveler to the BROWN/WHITE wire ( sometimes BLACK WHITE) of the switch

Connect the WHITE - netural wire to the white wire of the switch.

Cap off the RED/WHITE wire of the switch (it is for some unspecified "future use")

At the Slave remote switch:

Connect the RED - traveler to the BROWN/WHITE wire of the switch.

Connect the BLACK - traveler to BOTH the brown wire of the switch and the "switch leg" of the load

Connect all of the WHITE wires together

Cap off the RED/WHITE wire again.

Even though they show the light fixture floating in the middle of the wiring run in the instructions, all of the connections are made in the second switch box.
I don't have those color wires on my switches. I think you are refering to the SAI switches. I'll check outt he instructions and see if I can match them up.
ya, i looked at that already, but doesn't help me much as I still not sure how to connect the upb switches in a "3-way" configuration.
With circuit breakers off just hook the master to the (load) light. Once you have that working, the slaves go to the master and don't have to be connected to the (load) light. Remember the slaves operate the master and the master operates the (load) light.


You can have multiple slaves 1000' away. All you need to do is connect the yellow wire of the slave to the yellow wire of the master (your colors may vary). The neutral and hot on the slave operate the status led.
those are the easy ones. trying to figure out the 2 black and one red. not sure which are the travellers, which one is the load and which is the 110 feed.