Need Help With X-10

I have an office that I want to completely control with X-10. It has a ceiling fan with light, a lamp and under cabinet lighting. Basically, that's four loads I need to control. In the room, I only have a single gang opening. It is currently being used to enable and disable the fan/light. The fan and light works from a handheld remote control. Is there anyway I can get a independent control of all four loads in a single gang controller?
Very quickly I would say install something like a Smartlinc Keypad Linc in the single gang box. It could also control one load to the light in the ceiling fan, hopefully you can install in-line X-10 modules or appliance modules in the other items you want to control.

Do you have a neutral wire in the single gang box?

Just some quick ideas before I bolt out to work. :rolleyes: