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Need help with your suggestion on TV protection


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Hello Guys!
Mm... my new house is almost ready, I am planning to place a TV in my backyard and mount it on the wall under the eave so that it won't get directly wet in the rain. But if big rains, it will get wet. I was wondering if any of you have recommendations as far as how to weatherproof it. I just want to use my flat LCD screen that I currently have. And don't wanna spend too much money. I have read up on enclosures from some suppliers Apollo, Armagard, Deertv , I was wondering if you have any ideas or suggestions. That will be much appreciated. Thanks.


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I don’t have any experience with this but suspect you could have trouble. Can you post some links to the enclosures / covers you’re considering? What’s the geographic and other details on location?

In addition to the TV getting wet and damaged, I’d be concerned about damage to any connected components/sources and possibly anything else on the same circuit.

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Welcome to the Cocoontech forum hirichard.
Personally I have not ever mounted a television outside. 
Check out the monthly CEPro magazine and the CePro dot com website.
That said while thumbing through the magazine you will see listings for many installers and vendors.


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Hi, richard!
Consider putting it in a cabinet or a plastic case. Another option is to install a cover.
Be careful. You should expect to get condensing moisture on all hard surfaces exposed to the humidity and ambient temperature including the electronic innards of the TV.
If condensing humidity doesn't immediately cause functional problems, it will eventually as corrosion of metals and moisture-infiltration of plastic IC's (or even the display itself) occurs.


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Would need adequate protection from the weather without causing it to overheat.   Additionally, glare protection.
True outdoor TV's are waterproof, have a no glare finish, and are considerably brighter to compensate for being out in the sun.