Need to know a way if finding out what kind of


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I have a Goldline Controls pool controls and it has a sensor for the air temp and for the pool temp. It's two wires, black and red screwed into the control. Is there some way I can find out what the data looks like coming from the sensor?
If ASCII, I could most like use this somehow right?

First look would be with an oscilliscope to see what the data voltage levels are and the baud rate. You can also decode some of the data to see if it is ASCII. This is pretty challenging if you have never done it before.

You might try contacting the manufacturer to see what kind of data is there.
o, cool, thx.

now, what does that mean? lol
is there something out there that I can get that would read the data that can be used in elk or cqc? are the one wire's the same type of sensor?