Neither PCAccess or Upstart can find module in setup


After years of perfect operation, most of our HAI Switches and all of our 6 button keypads stopped working.  Both PIMs (one for Upstart) had always been plugged into a dedicated outlet for the HAI security system.  But when experimenting with Phase, even with an HAI phase coupler, different Switches would work depending on which phase I would plug the PIM into but results were somewhat random . . some would work depending on PIM-phase and some would work regardless of PIM-phase. 
After tinkering with it occasionally for 3 years, I finally got all but 1 switch to work by using an extension cord for the PIM on a different outlet in the basement, but then needed to do a power cycle on the controller.  No HAI switches could be controlled yesterday before controller power cycle. 
From Dealer PC Access
  • All Units are in UPB  House Code Format
  • ERROR: No Module in Setup  when selecting 'Configure HLC Device'  (same in Upstart)
  • Unit Status always shows OFF when any unit is turned ON from the Physical Switch
  • Unit Status shows OFF or ON correctly when any unit is controlled with a Command from PC Access.
  • I just bough a brand new HAI switch.  When it's in setup, the Controller can't find it and Upstart can't find it.  Is there another way to configure devices ?
Whats up ? -  should it be in HAI mode instead of UPB mode ?   I don't know what to do.
RE Interference ? Last year I turned every circuit breaker off except for the Controller and a couple of HAI switched circuits.  Nothing changed having everything in the house OFF.
Remote Help ?
I have a dedicate PC running Dealer PC Access and Upstart.  Does any "senior"  forum contributor want to remote into this PC to check out the setup ?

For the OmniPro and HAI switches the panel (PCA) has to be configured to use HLC for programming the UPB switches.
Both PIMs have to see all of the UPB switches.  Here utilize an HAI (PCS) UPB powerline signal repeater.
Here have primary HAI UPB PIMs and UPB repeater connected directly to the fuse panel via separate breakers and two floaters connected (main floor and second floor) for Upstart signal testing.
Here a few years back a forum user with an OmniPro 2, HAI switches called for Leviton service.  Tech reprogrammed all of his UPB switches with Upstart and totally trashed the OmniPro HAI configuration.  User asked for help here on the forum.

The fix suggested and partially done was to reprogramm all of the HAI switches in HLC mode using PCA and touchscreens the way the user first programmed the switches.

All 80 or so UPB switches were seen fine by the HAI PIM connected to the OP2 panel and one UPB PIM connected to computer with Upstart / PCA running on it. 

Then utilize Upstart to read the UPB network configuration including all of the links created by the OmniPro 2.

OP2 panel configuration was ~ 80 HAI UPB switches and a couple of 6 button keypads and one 3.5" Omnitouch screen, a few automation lines and less than 10 zones connected.
I personally created a spreadsheet with the HAI and Upstart configuration to be programmed and installed PCA and Upstart on their MAC computer using Oracle VB which worked great locally and remotely. 

The efforts here were to make the user self sufficient relating to the use of PCA and Upstart and their OmniPro panel.
The efforts though stopped here due to the users lack of time and resources. 
HLC or UPB mode depends on how you are using your HAI switches. If you have room controllers, and maybe house controllers, and the Omni panel programs the switches, then you likely should be using HLC mode. Another characteristic of HLC mode is if you change room scenes and then have to press the room controller buttons multiple times to reprogram it. Here is a description of HLC mode.
UPB mode means switches are programmed with UPStart, and scenes are created with UPStart. In any case, if you setting is one way or the other, why would it suddenly be incorrect?
Not being able to control many switches can have two causes; 1) your PIM might be bad, or 2) a new source of noise was added. I once got this Panasonic microwave that caused so much noise, nothing worked. There is a third possibility, the electric utility changed your transformer outside your house. You have no control over that. In any case, remove that HAI phase coupler and replace it with an active HAI repeater.
You can find them on eBay sometime cheaper. Make sure you get the "split-phase" one and NOT the three-phase one.
Looks like you may have some power line noise on your UPB network.
Best means of diagnostics is the use of Upstart testing all of your UPB devices.
Many years ago with initial installation of UPB switches everything worked fine for a couple of years...
Then one day I started to see powerline noise and the inability to utilize many or most of my UPB switches.
Thing was it was happening on a schedule of sorts with issues occurring at the same time every day.
Turned out that it was related to the installation of an inground pool pump next door.  Here the fix was installation of the HAI repeater.