.Net Z-Wave Library 1.0


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Version 1.0 has finally been publicly released. You can download it here.

The library is a .NET API DLL that supports all of the documented features of the Vizia RF RZC0P or VRC0P Serial Interface Modules. If you are a .Net software developer you may find this library useful.

This is a subset of the library used in LumenLink and in the J9 Automation Engine Z-Wave driver.

The intent of this library is to provide a very simple intuitive interface to the Leviton Vizia RF RZC0P and VRC0P serial modules.

All Vizia RF commands documented by Leviton are supported as well as many custom asynchronous events.


* Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or newer.
* Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework must be installed.
* Leviton ViziaRF RZC0P or VRC0P Serial Interface Module connected to PC.
* To receive on the fly node level changes, you must associate all devices/nodes with the RZC0P or VRC0P. This is done via the System Setup -> Advanced-> HAI Setup menu in the Vizia RF Primary Remote. See the RZC0P or VRC0P instructions for details.
* Some features may require a Vizia RF primary controller.

The download includes an Visual Studio Intellisense documentation xml file and the website documentation has been updated.