Netflix to offer Video On Demand in 2005


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CNNmoney has a short article about Netflix, including confirmation that NetFlix is going to offer Video On Demand in 2005. If they will do this with new releases, a lot of things will change. NetFlix is known for their DVD by mail service, which is pretty cool, but being able to download new releases directly to your PC is fantastic. Current internet based Video On Demand services only seem to offer older releases, not really making it worth your while downloading this content for hours. What do you think about this service? Will you use it?

Quality is an issue here. If i can project the movie over my projection screen and it look atleast close to what i did in the movie theater or off the DVD then yes i would purchase many of these movies on demand. WAF would go thru the roof and my wallet in a hole if they had an adult section.
adult? lol, I would assume its top quality, if they can compress a dvd movie into a 700meg divx file, while still looking fantastic and keeping the sound quality, I would assume they can do this too, I would guess they would use Windows Media format as it can be locked down.