Netremote CarPC Concept Project Discussion

Glad to have you onboard as a CarPC fellow affectionado.

What hardware will you, are you, using?
Touchscreen? Lilliput?
What PC?

Do you intend to get involved with "OBD2" enhancements? I have a lot of connections in that business.

Post some shots here as well as HS forum!
Well actually I have no real plans for a carpc myself (at least not in the near future). I am just helping electron out...


Overall everything is very cool and im a little jelous that i cant do stuff like that myself...But. The equalizer i am not 100% satisfied with. I think the black diamonds ruin it. How about little circles or 3D balls instead?
Well I changed them to little 3D balls.


Also I need this animated GIF file converted to a SWF if anyone has the means. I also need it to be transparent at the edges for the SWF.
I have flash and could probably do it for you if I knew how. If nobody else chimes in before i get home I will take a harder look at it.
Wow someone actually listend to one of my sugestions :p

It looks a perfect now... Great work. Keep it coming I am following your threads very close.
Here goes.
It's usually Blashphemous for me to send a FORD logo :p


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Here it is for those who dont want to dl the zip.


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I have another one which i think may be better but the board is not allowing me to post it right now. not sure why?