New 10.4" WiFi digital "photo frame"


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Saw this on Engadget today. Doesn't look like it has a touchscreen, but it comes with a remote control and runs WinCE. For $380 if it runs HA clients like ElkRM, CQC, HouseBot, etc it could be a very nice in-wall control.


  • Windows CE 5.0 Operating System
  • Compatible with Windows® Vistaâ„¢ and Windows® XP Home/Pro
  • Windows Vista auto detection of the Picture Frame
  • Automatic Display from Vista Pictures folder
  • Built-in multi function card reader
  • USB 2.0 Host and Device Connectivity
  • Generous internal memory
  • Integrated Wireless 802.11b/g Network Support (WEP/WPA)
  • IP addressable for web content access (IPv4/IPv6)
  • Displays photos and content from Internet Photo Sharing Sites
  • RSS feed configurable
  • Plays MP3, WMA and Streaming Audio files
  • Integrated Stereo Speakers
  • Displays ID3 Tags and album cover
  • Plays MPEG, WMV Video and Streaming Video
  • Blue Tooth, USB and Wireless support
  • Embedded HTTP Web Server
  • UPnP Support
  • Auto Update - Flash Upgradeable as new features are added
  • Wireless remote included
  • Desk top and wall mount
  • Changeable standard 8x10 frames to suite your décor
Will it support the Homeseer Speaker client for HA announcements?

Can I View an IP camera from One?

I actually like the idea of a remote control better than a touch screen!
electron said:
I didn't know the HS speaker client ran on CE, that's pretty neat.
Did you see that documented somewhere? I couldn't find it. (that's the reason I asked if anyone knew if it was supported).
Oh, thought you meant it was supported. As far as I know it isn't, unless it supports the compact .NET framework.