New Alarm Monitoring Service Emerges in Guadalajara, Mexico


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OJAI, Calif. and GUADALAJARA, Mexico (July 24, 2007) –, The Broadband Alarm Company, is teaming up with IP Monitor and Megacable Communications to offer the first bundled broadband service in Guadalajara that includes alarm monitoring in addition to cable television, Internet and phone service.

Alarm monitoring became available to Megacable subscribers on July 1st. Subscribers can choose all or just one of Megacable's services. They can also choose alarm monitoring even if they don't have Internet service.

The three players are working together, each with key roles. Megacable Communications is the largest cable provider in Mexico and will provide the platform to add alarm monitoring to its TV, Internet and phone offerings. Megacable will also market alarm monitoring in conjunction with the current triple play broadband services.

Guadalajara-based IP Monitor is the exclusive provider of alarm systems and monitoring to Megacable subscribers. As the alarm monitoring service provider, IP Monitor will respond to alarm signals, dispatch police, fire and rescue and provide customer service and tech support.

Ojai-based NextAlarm will use its patented Alarm Broadband Network (ABN) adapters that will allow IP Monitor to communicate with the Megacable subscribers' alarm systems over broadband. NextAlarm takes existing security systems and makes them Internet compatible without changing or upgrading equipment and puts the customer in complete control of their security for their home or business. As a member of NextAlarm's reseller program, IP Monitor will use a branded version of NextAlarm's customer portal, which allows subscribers to set up and personalize their account and notification settings. NextAlarm will also provide Abbra alarm systems to IP Monitor through the reseller program. Spanish versions of the customer portal and alarm panel will be available.

“This bundled solution benefits everyone,” said Alex Elliot, NextAlarm's founder and CEO. “First, it gives Megacable subscribers more choices and affordability than if they had to purchase TV, phone, Internet and alarm monitoring individually. Second, it provides a new revenue stream for Megacable by expanding its service offerings. Finally, it allows NextAlarm and IP Monitor a new distribution channel and access to a large, emerging consumer market.”

About, The Broadband Alarm Company, was established in 2000 by a team of alarm industry experts with more than 50 years of collective experience. The company provides service to thousands of homes and businesses in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, including those who have switched to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). For more information on, visit

About IP Monitor
IP Monitor for more than 20 years has offered peace and security at low cost to all its clients. It has done this by means of effective alternatives of communication and reports with a value-added outpost technology.

IP Monitor is the first alarm monitoring company in Mexico to meet the security needs of any business and home. IP Monitor clients are able to receive alarm notifications via email or cellular text messages.

There is no other company in Mexico that offers the diversity of services that IP Monitor offers. For more information, contact IP Monitor CEO Ciro Castrejon Cardenas at [email protected].

About Megacable Communications
Megacable Communications is the largest cable operator in Mexico. It's the first company in Latin America to offer the “triple play” of cable television, Internet service and phone service.

Megacable has more than 800,000 cable television subscribers and more than 300,000 Megared Internet customers. In addition, the company serves more than 50,000 Megafon telephone customers.

With more than 4,900 employees and more than 15,000 kilometers of optical fiber and coaxial cable, Megacable serves subscribers in 58 cities of the Mexican Republic with the most advanced technological services. For more information, contact Raymundo Fernandez, Operations Director, Megacable at [email protected].

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