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New alarm system from Elk Products


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Announced a couple weeks ago, the details of the mixed wired and wireless platform called Alarm Engine and first model E27 will be available at ISC West 7/19-21.
David Steele told me in 2013 that I should not wait for the new Elk panel. He was right.
I'm actually looking for a new alarm system for a property, at the moment. Will probably go with Honeywell/Resideo VISTA panel, though, as I want alarm exclusively.


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Is this going to replace the M1 or just be an additional product? I don't see much value for the DIY and Home  Automation folks in this new line. Looks like bare bones HA for dealers who want to say they can offer it without much of a learning curve. Any real HA system will already have Z-Wave that supports a wider range of devices for example so more important would be an integration API for the alarm stuff rather than rudimentary Z-Wave built in.


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I can’t comment on specifics and maybe this falls short in some areas but I’m encouraged that Elk is making new products...

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I'm just glad to see ELK still producing new products.  That certainly is positive for the company in general whether I plan to use to new products or now.  I don't want to see ELK go the way of HAI.