New detached garage door / project


Daughter just upgraded her home with attached garage to a home with two detached garages.  One 3 car garage and one 1 car garage sitting around 100 feet from the back of her property.  Main garage has one new GDO (yellow button) and one old Stanley GDO (dip switch buttons).  I was able to install a powerline AP in the garage which worked via a sub panel in the garage.  Garage is large with a work shop and natural gas heating (shop wise hung on the ceiling).  Totally impressed with the powerline AP working.
The driveways are all cement and guessing that old owner ran coaxial cable from the house to the garage so may use that later on.
Today's project was to convert a digital small button GDO to analog.  I have done this before.  Initially purchased a similiar button and noticed it was a clone after taking it apart.  It is listed on Amazon as:  Push Button Garage Door Opener Control fits LiftMaster 883LM Security 2.0.  There were no traces that I could find to solder wires to.  Returned it and purchased the LiftMaster 883LMW Wall-Mounted Wired Push Garage Door Opener and Doorbell Button with Light Button.
This time used 28 guage wires and Gorilla glue to keep the wires in place.  
Took pictures of the endeavor.  Used my large glass illuminated workbench magnifying glass and helping hands to hold the wires in place.  I pretinned the traces with a drop of solder and pretinned the ends of the 28 guage wire.  Worked fine.  
Note that this is a repost of the same type of modification for use with the OmniPro 2 panel or Elk panel (wired garage door).  
I use the modification today for OmniPro 2 connectivity and new Tasmota connectivity (wireless Tasmota with two wired sensors, temperature sensor and button).
Status:  17th of July, 2022
Just a quickie review for redo of 2-3 garage doors.  1 was new (myQ ready but no hub).  2 are old Stanley GDO...first gen button with just closure buttons.
Kids (including my daughter) wanted to use her phone / internet.  Next steps here are to upgrade the two old Stanley GDOs to Security + controllers to match the newer Chamberlein GDO for one 3 button GDO in the automobiles.
Hardware purchased to upgrade two GDO's (new and old). 
1 - changed single box duplex outlet on one garage door opener to this:
Multi Plug Outlet, Surge Protector, POWRUI 6-Outlet Extender with 2 USB Charging Ports (2.4A Total) and Night Light, 3-Sided Power Strip with Adapter Spaced Outlets - White,ETL Listed  listed on Amazon for $19.97
Used the USB port to provide power to the "smart" 3 car 5VDC USB socket.
2 - used this powerline Wireless AP repeater plugged in to the house electric near the XFinity combo modem.  Works great in the detached garage which has a separate sub panel (fuse panel) near the shop section of the garage.  I plugged the AP / ethernet end on the ceiling outlet above the Stanley Garage door opener.
TP-Link AV600 2-Port Powerline Gigabit Wi-Fi Adapter Kit, 2-Kit (TL-WPA4220 KIT) (Renewed) listed on Amazon for $40.55
Tested functionality of powerline AP in the garage before next step ....just to see if it worked.  Very impressed as I purchased first generation powerline ethernet and it burned up after a couple of months of use.
3 -  Refoss Smart Wi-fi Garage Door Opener with External Antenna, Upgrade Version, APP Control, Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, Auto Close, Up to 3 Garage Doors on Amazon for $23.04 (30% discount)
4 -  Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote Sensor for $16.99 on Amazon (too much too short so I had to extend for GDO #2).  Already installed with extension wire.  Asking Amazon to credit or give me another one for GDO #3.  Extension wires were 22 feet which was too short to go from one garage door to another.  Best to make up your own cable with end connector (4 wires).
5 - 
LiftMaster 883LMW Wall-Mounted Wired Push Garage Door Opener and Doorbell Button with Light Button on Amazon for $8.99.  Modded per above for "yellow" button GDO.  Initially purchased a clone of this device by some 3rd party and returned it as the main board inside was totally different than the liftmaster button.
Most of the work was done on a ladder and soldering two wires to button above.   I Velcro'd controller on the side of one GDO.  Total costs was $92.55 plus tax.
Next to convert the older stanley GDO's to yellow button security + GDO's.