New Digital Clock

That is pretty Kewl! If it helps, the dirrect link to the SWF file is Here

I Just downloaded it anc am gonna add it to one of my HS pages. Thanks for the find!

Not telling you that it's ok to do or anything, but if, just by chance of course, you happen to right click on the word "Here" above and select "save target as"... who knows what will happen :eek:
I while backfound a class that can be used to syncronize your clocks with the worlds time clocks. Its as accurate as your ever gonna get. It uses the SNTP(Simple Network Time Protocol). I made two minor changes to the class because it hade a few stray variables just lurking around. If you want to write your own program to sync your time with the worlds atomic clock or clock radios then let me know and ill get the class to you. The reason i stoped my project is because i found that windows xp now offers this as a standard feature.

One other way to keep accurate time is to connect a GPS system to your PC. In the stream of data you can get the time.
I dont think it is really a matter of accurate time. I also have XP keep track of that for me. And just in case, I fire an event that grabs the time and syncs it through HS.

It is just that that clock is pretty kewl looking! I have set it up and it displays in the entertainment center's touchscreen in the living room.

I just wish the background of the .swf was black!
Unfortunately Hand.swf won't run in MainLobby unless I got the source code (doubtful) to modify some settings. Would have been pretty cool for Jan 1, 2005 to see all the pics change.
This clock isnt Digital nor as cool as the first mentioned clock but it is acurate and the graphics are not bad. Its very functional because the clock will set your system time using the Network Time Protocol. Pretty cool!
If you know Flash, it's easy to duplicate that clock, just have to make 10 recordings if you want to keep things numeric only, shrink the video size and # of frames so it's written in less than 1 second, and the rest should be straight forward.
Lots of degrees of "know". I probably could figure out how to modify the code to work, but would be real hard pressed to build it from scratch.
DavidL said:
Would have been pretty cool for Jan 1, 2005 to see all the pics change.
If you change your windows clock, it does it on the fly. Looks pretty cool...then xp warned me that my virus definitions may be out of date :D