New Elk Owner... Simple Install Question


I'm just getting around to installing my M1G and have a simple install question...

I'm planning to use CAT5 to each of my two keypads but was wonder if I could use the same run for a speaker in each location? Would the single run handle both or would I (or should I) run 2 lines??
As rfdesq commented there is a possibility of some crosstalk, but we use the extra two wires often for small speakers with no problems. I would not use a large 8 ohm speaker because the wire is not big enough. A 32 ohm speaker like the ELK SP12F should be OK.
I like to keep the keypad wire separate also because I use the four extra wires on a CAT5 for input and output. This is a nice ELK feature for attaching your door contact nearest the keypad and for providing the output for a status LED or sensitive relay. I am currently wiring up a two way listen/talk system and the specs call for 18 or 20 ga. wire for the speakers. Spanky is correct that the CAT5 wire for speakers will be exceeded.
I did it, and have no problems going from the basement to the second story, at the opposite end of the house. Previous owner had run Cat5 for a different alarm panel keypad, and when I ripped the system out I ended up using that Cat5 for the Elk keypad and one of the extra pairs of the wiring for the speaker. Crosstalk is a possibility, and for a new install I'd run two lines. For a retrofit, it's worth trying. Can't remember as I type this which you have, though!