New Elk RP Crashes upon updating


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I installed the new version of elk rp and was going to update the EXP, but upon goinig to send/reviece-> update/enroll

When i highlight the device and click update, i get:

Firmware updates directory doesn't exist
Please select the correct path in setup options

followed by:

Run-tme error '339'
Component 'MSINET.OCX' or one of its dependancies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

The path is there - although clicking on the browse button take me to a popu-up with root location not what's in the field. Closing clears the field entirely

What gives?

Not sure this is the problem, but you did read the release notes where they moved directories out from under the "/programs" folder on Windows. It may be it's looking in the updates area in the "/documents and setting" and you have them in the old tree.
Ya, that's not the problem... it's telling me the directory itself doesn't exist when it does (and yes using the default value)... and as noted at the bottom,unlike the other two new values, trying to browse the specified directory causes it to reset...
There is a program called msinet.ocx that was not included in the Installshield installation program. If you are having this installation problem, contact ELK Technical at 800-797-9355 and they will email you the program. The installation program is being recompiled so it will be on the download site shortly.
You are da man!!!

So can i call tech support to get an emailed beta version of the serial expander update for viziarf ;) haha!
Vizia support is working in a pre beta state, but the PC support software has not been completed. It is somewhat of a bear to program without the PC software.

This one is a definite squeaky wheel issue!
i really appreciate the viziarf update - it's so good to know that dumping nearly 3 grand into this solution will not be a mistake - i can't wait to find out what this programming software offers since Leviton claims you must program via the handheld controller (but Martin has my hopes up there too).

btw, for anyone that needs a chuckle: