New ELKRM Update


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Elk Products, Inc. announces ELKRM Remote Manager Software Upgrade.

After many months of work, ELKRM Remote Manager Software Upgrade is available for automatic download. With ELKRM open and an Internet connection, press the M1 Icon, Comm Setup, Update. All the new files will be loaded into ELKRM and installed on your PC or ELK TS07 Touchscreen.

Make sure you update the files in your PC because you will get the new Video Setup Utility. With this utility you can stream IP video cameras, weather maps or just about any Internet image (careful!). Once you setup your video files on your PC, they will automatically be distributed to all TS07 Touchscreens on your local network.

All documentation in .pdf files will also be downloaded.

If you do not have the full version of ELKRM, download the demo version from the site.
Spanky, couple initial observations:

Clicking Update within RM on my PC doesn't download the new setup utility. I also tried running RM_Update.exe and still don't see it. Also, running RM_Update directly produces a "Would you like to update yours skins(graphics)" message, which, when I reply Yes, says "Gettign Climate_Skin.gif", the status bar goes to 100% and then Update hangs.

Shall I try a full download, or would you like me to leave it in this config for further troubleshooting?

Also, I looked at the Release Notes, ElkRM Setup Manual and User Guide and ElkRM Setup Utility Instruction Manual and I don't find the list of supported IP Cams.

I'm hoping the low cost Panasonic line is included :)
My entire RM config was messed up (long story), so I ended up just copying the rm_update.exe utility, ran that, and it downloaded all the right stuff. Make sure RM can get to the internet. The panasonic is listed (I have my TS07 monitoring a BC10A right now) as supported, but you can define your own custom cams.

Spanky also mentioned that you have to run the update function twice.
I've run update multiple times, either via the button in RM, or using the .exe directly. No difference.

I'll download the full install.
Running the full download didn't do the trick either. I ended up removing the old install, then reinstalling. Now the setup util is there.
To clear up any confusion to getting the RM_Setup.exe program for installing cameras in the ElkRM software:

The current installable program for ElkRM has 3 optional features:
Install ElkRM
Install ElkRM on compact device (PDA's using activesync)
Install ElkRM Setup utility

If you have never installed ElkRM before, you will see these three options that you may select for installation. If you have installed the ElkRM software previously, the installable will just update the ElkRM software. If you run the program again and select "Modify", you will see the option to install the RM_Setup utility.

The "RM_Update" utility that allows an automatic update by retrieving the applicable files from the ElkRM website will not download the RM_Setup utility. The setup program was designed to run on the PC so it is in the PC install package. This helps keep valuable storage space on compact devices free.

Please note that the Elk Products web site has been updated and has list of supported cameras. The software does support Panasonic cameras. The entry in the RM_Setup utility lists the BL-C10A camera, however after further testing Elk found it to be compatible with the BB-HCM311A(by selecting BL-C10A) model as well. If anyone tests any other models, please post your results.

If anyone ever comes up with a unique download for images such as weather, stocks, etc... Please post these as well. I would love to hear about them...

Elk Products ElkRM Download
Thanks for the pics.. they do help. I see the connectors are on the back instead of the bottom which is unfortunate but not a show stopper. Wonder if Elk is going to offer other colors for the bezel?

Looks like I could make this work if I can get some of my other Elk questions nailed down.

What did you decide to do for software? Are you going back to Homeseer? Use a different program that supports the M1? Stick with a hardware only solution?
The connectors are on the back, but they have flat CAT5 cable, so you could do a 90 degree angle, and power is easy. BSR posted some pics of different bezels last year when he visited the Elk booth during a security conference. I would have to do some digging to find them tho, but they should still be online.

I am not going back to HS since I didn't purchase the upgrade license. If it wasn't for the touch screens, I would write my own software which uses the M1 as the only supported interface (all you really need), but not sure what I would do with the TS then. Right now I am running Elk RM (really great software) which covers my software needs until I have time to finish my CQC/ML3/Girder/PH evals.
Are you running Elk RM on other platforms besides the touch screens? You don't need to keep a PC running Elk RM once the TS 07s are configured do you?

I have a strong need for voice announcement stuff (beyond the Elk vocabulary) and phone paging. I also want to play with VR at some point. I will continue to use PH for insteon management and a few other tasks but I don't think it or CQC are going to get me my phone features. It still looks like I have to use Homeseer for that... it is just a big investment so I am still evaluating also.


I forget what the original upgrade price for HS was... $30 or $40? Compared to $90 now? Still one of the cheaper options I guess.