New forum software...


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Any chance we could get vBulletin up in here? I would be willing to throw some $$ in for it. Either to buy or lease it. I could help admin it. I owned a huge car site for about 6 years.
What would using vBulletin add to the site? I already find this the easiest site to use as its "new messages" feature works VERY well, leads you directly to the new posts, and doesn't timeout after a few minutes of reading new stuff.
Your a little too late on that request. About 2 years ago I setup a fund raiser and many of the early users pitched in to purchase the next version of Invision Power Board as a Christmas Gift to electron. He has been working hard to get what is known as CT2 (CocoonTech 2) released. He does this on his spare time and we all thank him for his hard work and dedication. Just be paitient and soon enough CocoonTech will get the makeover that many of us desire. From what I gathered Electron uses IPB for security reasons. Many of the other message boards are constantly being hacked and spamed. I am sure you have noticed that CT is about 99.999% spam free. Give it Time....It will come!
prolly the biggest thing I would like to have is RSS feed for all the forums, or indivdual ones.