New Harmony 1000 Remote

scottmi1 said:
Harmony has just announced an interesting new 3.5 inch touch screen remote with Z-Wave support. I heard the price will be $499.

I saw a blurb on ZD Net this morning. With a little luck Logitech will have the unit will be on display at CEDIA this week and I will be able to post what I learn.
Looks cool and dont get me wrong (I have an 880), I just start to wonder about if these make sense as the price gets up there. Depending on the user of course, but for those in these forums at what point does it make sense to go with a touch screen approach using CQC or MainLobby, etc?

If it is designed similarly to the 880, then there will be some large limitations on the dynamic nature of menus (although you can load in the contents of a DVD jukebox apparently in the older ones) which would start to be more of a concern at this price range (but it may have additional functionality).

I suppose I will have better information in the (hopefully) near future as I'm testing the concept with a 3400 which is supposed to arrive tomorrow and can hopefully spur along some CQC testing.

This is probably ideal for a certain group of people though.
OK everyone, I saw and touched the Harmony 1000 today and it is very nice. It is not as big as some of the others, like the Universal Remote MX3000, but if feels good, works well and retails for $499.

All programming is done via the web using the same system as the other models. The one catch is that the basic remote is IR only. If you need or want RF you need a $149 addon. The notable new feature is the touch screen and it works great. Overall a nice addition to the line.

Availability it set for October