New Harmony 890 Pro and 895 remote support Z-wave!


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The Harmony 890 Pro and 895 remotes also include support for the Z-Wave wireless technology standard, used by manufacturers of advanced lighting, climate control, and security systems. Initially, the Harmony 890 Pro and 895 remotes will be able to control the advanced lighting systems using this standard, and they will eventually support other categories of home-automation systems.

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WOW!... I recall you saying a long time ago that this would never happen ;).... Can't wait to see the results. I just hope the remote is upgradeable :eek:
never said it would never happen, I just said it won't happen for a while (and considering how long Z-wave has been around ...). And yes, Harmony remotes are upgradable, so I assume you won't run into the same issues you are running into now (unless there are required hardware changes).
I bought the 880 shortly after it came out. My wife loves it! She wondered why it took so long... I had a pronto earlier and it didn't work out as well. I've come to the conclusion that I don't like the touch screen aspect and this one had the right mix of custom display and traditional buttons.

The price is too high on this one: Might as well buy an 880 for each room, it's cheaper (well for 2.... beyond that it does not work).

I've been trying to get the lighting control working for the 880 using an IR543 IR to X10 module, but haven't been able to get it to work for some reason. I have not spent a lot of time on it though (even tried teaching it the IR from a pronto that had the commands correct which did not work for some reason).

One thing to note: If you buy these and have more than one Tivo and have them setup using an IR distribution system, call them up to set the remote control ID, they took it off the site as they had too many people making mistakes by trying to use that feature. When I had called they noted 'out of 450,000 units sold I was the fourth person to need that...'.
Ill get one for FREE ;)

J/k... I will buy it if its upgradable atleast to some point as far as Z-wave. I dont need it to act as a master remote but I need it to be able to control all my devices without having to buy more and more upgraded remotes.