New Hikvision Doorbell to Elk 960 and Current sensing switch


Over the last 10-15 years here have had the doorbell wired to the Alam panel via the use of two Elk circuits; doorbell circuit board and debounce board.  This worked fine when I transitioned over to an illumated doorbell and recently to using the Ring Doorbell.
Afterwards replaced the Ring Doorbell with the Hikvision doorbell.  Pressing the Hikvision doorbell button did not trigger the Elk 930 doorbell circuit.  My "el cheapo" fix was to put a contact switch in the doorbell chime and have the magnet trigger the NC/NO switch.  This involved a 22/2 wire going to the doorbell chime.  Here my doorbell chime wires run through conduit which made it easy.
Last week purchased a current sensing switch from Amazon which works better and easy to install.  I have modified the original drawing which included the Elk 930-960 boards to using the Elk 960 debounce board and the current sensor.  You only have to loop the wire through the hole on the current sensor 2-3 times and use the same zone wires to the debounce board.  The current sensing switch is adjustable.  Purchased it on Amazon for around $17.
Easy peasey stuff.
Another drawing using a picture of the Elk 930 and Elk 960 and new current sensor.

Note here my Elk 930 worked fine with the Ring Doorbell. It did not work with my Hikvision Doorbell.

Next here would like to install a device that closes a zone switch via the Hikvision DB ONVIF to MQTT sensor based on the PIR on the device.
Part 2 of the Hikvision DB endeavor is to trigger a WiFi relay via MQTT connected to one zone on the OP2 panel.

To triggering the WiFi relay with Homeseer and or Home Assistant.
Pete,  Thanks for posting.  it would probably be useful for others if you posted which current sense relay you used.  Does the Hikvision feed video to your zoneminder program?  Have been thinking about doorbell cams but not too big on cloud based stuff.
Are you using the "power adapter" that came with the camera on your chimes?  I was just wondering if not using it might be why the ELK 930 wasn't triggering. Of course if you are using it, then my hypothesis is incorrect.
Are you using the "power adapter" that came with the camera on your chimes?
Yes tried with it connected and not connected.  The Elk-930 did not work with it.  It worked with the Ring doorbell configuration.
One IP Cam Talk user said the Hikvision / vendors are sending out two different power adapters.  One works and the other does not.
Before using the new current relay switch used a magnetic reed switch next to the doorbell chime which worked but involves running another pair of wires to the doorbell from the basement.
I am now using two zones on the OmniPro panel for the doorbell.
1 - doorbell button triggers Omni Pro Doorbell button zone
2 - doorbell PIR ==> ONVIF ==> MQTT ==> WiFi ESP-01S Relay with Tasmota ==> triggers Omni Pro Doorbell PIR zone

The above MQTT stuff will trigger motion events on Zoneminder