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In case anybody is interested, we've got a blog set up for the new house project. I' will be discussion HA there in addition to everything else associated with the house.
We need to add a new field in the profile "Sq. Ft. size of mansion". ;)

Sortof a grown mens version of the locker room comparisons. :D
My new house is not that big (4000 sq ft plus guest house) but I plan to put in a hidden door from my closet that leads to the HA closet (really a small room) which leads into the theater. I hope to be able to sneak out of the room without the kids or wife finding out! :angry:
SH Sports needs to put a alarm contact on the doors in and out as well as motion detector in the room. If the HA system thinks someone is in there, with no motion in 10 minutes, call the cops! :D
Squintz said:
I love the curved stair case at the main entrance
We really liked that as well.

I just posted a version of the plans to the blog that I think will be pretty close to how the downstairs will ultimately look.

Interested in comments on the study / wiring closet / and home theater in particular. Also any thoughts on pre-wire now that it's pretty close.