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[How To] Build An X-10 Broadcast Car Monitor, W/ X-10 Signals Relating to Car Running
Many home automation enthusiasts like to monitor if their car is home or "on the road" with their automation systems. One way this is accomplished is by using an X-10 motion sensor mounted under the steering column. When motion is detected (from the driver) a unique signal is sent that represents the presence of the vehicle. This method has many short comings though.

One solution would be to have the vehicle "broadcast" a unique X-10 signal when it is started and then broadcast another signal (at longer intervals) when the car is turned off.

This How-To will describe how to make such a unit using a "hacked" palm pad remote.

How to monitor the status of a device using its status light
About a year ago, I decided I wanted to monitor the status of my dryer and washer. Some people have suggested to just use a remote to indicate when the cycle starts, and then just play an announcement after a previously timed amount of minutes. Since this solution doesn't work well when using different program settings, I wanted something which could actually detect when the machines are running.