New M1XEP Software Upgrade


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Elk Products, Inc. announces a new M1XEP Ethernet Module software upgrade. This upgrade fixes several email issues in which the email service provider requires authentication. SSL authentication with GMail is not supported at this time.

Be sure to read Tech Note 7 before installing the software upgrade.

Happy M1ing!! :)
Thanks for the note.

Do you know if any of the following are in the enhancement queue and if so, any ETA?

- NTP Client support to automatically set the M1's clock using the M1's TZ setting.
- Enhanced email support, including:
- ability to set subject
- ability to set msg priority
- ability to do variable substitution in the message text, e.g. "Zone <Zn number> violated"

I'm sure I'll remember some other requests later..

Thank you
What this M1XEP update does should be addressed in the installation notes.

The biggest thing addressed in this update is email authentication and several operational issues.