New Manufacturer/Vendor Requirements/Features


Happy New Year from!

Starting this year the staff of CocoonTech will implement a new feature for our forum so members can easily recognize the many excellent manufacturer/vendor representatives who we are very fortunate to have as members!

Currently there is no way for members to know that the help/response they are receiving from a manufacturer/vendor who posts a reply is someone with a specific expertise. A reply from a manufacturer rep could possibly carry more “weight” and should help a member sort through replies to topics, helping them quickly solve problems.

Manufacture/vendor representatives who actively participate/post will now be required to show their company that they are representing in their signatures.

Optionally it would be helpful if their title/status in their company was included and possibly a custom Avatar showing their company's logo (or product line symbol).

Of course one will ask, “What are the requirements for being a “manufacturer/vendor staff member”? Well, we are certainly not going to require written verification from your company’s CEO, :) but basically if you get a paycheck or provide regular technical contributions to a company, you are a staff member.

Now, we realize there are many, many expert members in all areas of home automation, security, and theater that contribute to our forums (which constitutes the “strength” of CocoonTech), and we certainly do not mean to understate their contributions. Instead we would just like a quick way for our members to discern replies from manufacturer/vendor representatives. B)

Of course our members will now have a way of possibly “filtering” a response from manufacturer representatives as well :D !

Overall the staff of CocoonTech feel this feature will better serve our valued forum members. B)


The Staff
I feel this is a good policy and fully support it.

Sometimes, the advice offered from the manufacturer contains information that is better than figuring it out, but I have seen in this forum with the real world experience some really good advice. Many times I do not even need to respond because the advice is as good or better than I can offer.

Happy New Year and Happy Automating!
This is a great idea. I am going to suggest it on other forums that consume a significant portion of my 'free' time. Great work guys.


I think it is a great idea. I did update my signature to include company name. :blink:

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years!
I went ahead and did it also. But, for those of us with a logo wider than tall, the current avatar size limit ends up with an image so small that, even changing it to a simple monochrome format, it's pretty much unreadable. It would be nice if the pixel size (not necessarly the byte size) could be cranked up a little.
Was this information supposed to go in our signature or avatar? Ah. I had signatures turned off in the bulletin board options. Now I see it.
I think this is a great idea. Sometimes it is hard to tell if someone is actually associated with a company or not.

I think I'm in compliance.

I noticed that the signature line does not appear unless you are logged in. Would it be possible to add something like "Cocooner Vendor" under the username to go along with "Cocooner", "Advanced Cocooner", etc.