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My name is Aaron and I currently live in Germany. I work in a German Bank and run the department responsible for IT issues found in the branch offices country wide.

My wife (who is German) and I are planning to move to the States sometime in 2008. We will most likely live in Macon, Georgia because that is where my sister is currently located (we both are originally from the west coast).

I will probably get a job doing something IT related until I can get our house automated, then I will try my own business sometime after that.

I'm really happy to have found this site and look forward to reading everything I can to prepare myself for when we finally make the move.


Steve said:
Yes, welcome to CocoonTech. But Macon? lol, just kidding.

I never thought I would move there either, but hey, it'll be nice living next to family after 18 years of missing it. Even if it is in Macon.