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I'm a member on the Homeseer forums and as well the Cinemar forums using the nick Ncrypt on HS or Ripper on the Cinemar forums.

Currently in the process of building my automated home...currently using Homeseer and Cinemar products and have plans to add a Russound CAV6.6 and an Elk M1 as well as any other goodies I think of along the way.

Haven't quite decided on lighting but I have been testing Zwave lamp modules only..also have Insteon switchs but have not made a firm decision just yet, also not settled on touchpanels have a couple 15 inch I am using now for testing and will likely decide before move in.

Anyhow thats my story and should have been visiting this site alot more over the months..I was registered but somehow forgot to visit with the million other things going on trying to plan all this :)