new NetRemote version posted today


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Promixis (the company responsible for another great product; Girder) has posted a new version of NetRemote (, a very popular software package allowing you to control audio, video and home automation through a remote interface such as a PocketPC. There are 3 versions of NetRemote:
  • NetRemote IR (turn your PPC into a true universal remote)
  • NetRemote Pro (control everything, from your home theater to your home automation)
  • NetRemote Music (control your music library using the J. River Media Center, Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes interface)
More info

If you want to see a live example, check out jwilson56's thread, he has posted screenshots of his setup.
And to add that NR is running on my system fine. Using Netremote and the hsGirder plugin (free!!) I would think that hordes of Homeseer guys would jump at the chance to have such a fine GUI frontend. Heck a couple years ago I would have given my eye teeth to have something this slick. Remember that you don't need Girder itself to talk to Homeseer. The hsGirder plugin acts as a Girder client so its a direct two way communication between NR and HS. You can update text, images, button states from Homeseer as well as fire off HS scripts and control IR/X10 from NR. It also supports NR sliders that can be used for light dimming for example. These sliders are two way meaning that if the dim value changes in HS via a Palmpad lets say, the screen's dimmer will refelct the changes. Way too cool.

Also working with Harleydude, we (mostly hd's writting skills) are adding some enhanced functionality to the NR/HS combination. This includes the ability to wake the monitor out of sleep from Homeseer, Pause, UnPause and Stop all zones.

Speaking of zones, did you know that J River's Media Center supports multiple zones? Multiple zones allow you to play a seperate CD or playlist in each zone you have setup. This is done very well and is easy to setup.

I am open to ideas as to what to add to my Now Playing project. Right now I am working on a Xcam setup and screen to control them. Got some HA idea floating around that you would like to tackle? This is what Cocoon is all about. Personally I would like to put the FUN back into HA. For me part of it has lost its fun side. I grow tired of the 'tone' on the Homeseer board. So lets start discussing your HA ideas here and try and tackle them together.


How about a good cocoontech step by step how-to in order to get some of us started with netremote.
What and take all the fun out of it? hahahaha

Actually harleydude and I have discussed this.... and Ben is working on the documentation also. Its coming some day I hope....

Until then you can easily download CCF's and look them over. In fact thats how I did 80% of what I have. Just cut and pasted the actions and IR codes and changed the graphics. Why reinvent the wheel. Almost 1900 people have downloaded my Nowplaying Project 1.1 so far to look at.

Downloaded the trial.... found that it does not display on the x50V properly... tried to remove the software, and I can't.... keep getting errors about files in use. I tried an end all programs, and a soft reset.....NADA

Not too impressed.. or happy. Had I read that it did not control Winamp, I would not have bothered.....
Skibum said:
Had I read that it did not control Winamp, I would not have bothered.....
I, too, would be happier if it directly supported Winamp. This is one of the reasons that I've never played with it.

By the way, the proximis link in the first post is incorrect - promixis.
{edit} The link has been fixed.{/edit"
Well I have played with Winamp and now JRMC and quiet frankly I much prefer JRMC. Add the bonus of it supporting multiple zones and APE lossless format very smoothly its a great database/player.

But hey to each their own...

JRMC is not free......

hense... not gonna happen. Too bad.

Bye Bye Netremote...

I'll stick with IRemote.
JRMC is one of those few programs which are priced too low, the software is really impressive, and I was surprised when I found out it was that cheap.
Just 'cause I am too lazy to try the demo....Just what is so good about it to make it worth paying for? (Over free Winamp, or free Media PLayer)
to me, I think the multi zone part is the most impressive function, it allows you to assign a zone to a certain output on your soundcard, instead of buying several soundcards to achieve the same thing.
p.s. Ben Sweet of NetRemote answered my email quickly, and helped me with the product removal. I just don't think it was for me.
cool, I don't have a use for it either right now as I don't have a whole house audio system, but I have been researching it for a while now.