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I know some of you are already aware of the new services, but I figured I would post this anyways since it has some useful information.

Ojai, Calif. (Nov. 8, 2006) - Today, announced two new alarm notification services that are unparalleled in the alarm monitoring industry - the NetAlarm Plan and the Free NextAlarm Notify Plan. For the first time, consumers and business owners have access to value priced, enhanced alarm notification services at no cost or for a low monthly rate.

NextAlarm takes existing security systems and makes them Internet compatible without changing or upgrading equipment and puts the customer in complete control of their security for their home or business. Unlike NextAlarm's existing state of the art Internet ready alarm monitoring services, the new plans are notification-only, based upon an automated system. When the alarm is engaged, the customer is contacted by e-mail, SMS, or text-pager, receiving a message announcing that the alarm was triggered along with information that tells the customer which alarm zone (i.e. zone 1: front door) was triggered. The customer can then decide whether he or she needs to contact the police based on that information.

"Our goal at NextAlarm is to put the customer in control of their security system and give them more options to pick from," said Alex Elliot,'s founder and CEO. "These new plans provide a whole new level of service that are very affordable and just as reliable as the leading alarm services."

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The NetAlarm Plan and Free NextAlarm Notify Plan offer the following:

* Operate on alarm systems via the Internet or over standard phone lines.
* Does not require an alarm permit. Some cities require owners of alarm systems to obtain a permit, which usually involves a nominal cost and can be difficult to obtain. These new notification plans do not require permits since the police are not notified through an alarm monitoring central station.

The NetAlarm Plan is priced at $5 per month. This plan includes unlimited alarm notifications that are received via e-mail or over a text-pager and unlimited e-mail addresses for alarm notification. In addition, the NetAlarm Plan provides customers all of's website features including:

* Patent-pending E-Notifyâ„¢ technology: This feature allows the customer to manage their system over NextAlarm's secure web server.
Customers can set up alarm notifications via e-mail or pager. E-Notify also sends maintenance and test alerts and notifies the customer when certain events don't occur, such as a child not disarming the system after arriving home or when the system misses its daily test signal.
E-Notify also alerts c ustomers via SMS, e-mail, or pager when an interruption in power and Internet service occurs.
* Customers can manage all aspects of their account from the secure Web site. Account information including billing information to a list of security zones can be safely and conveniently updated. Changing contact phone numbers and adding security system equipment can also be administered here. There's no waiting, no hassle, and customers are sent an e-mail as instant confirmation when any changes are made.

The Free NextAlarm Notify Plan includes the website features listed above. Customers on this plan will receive up to three instant alarm notifications per day, using one e-mail address.
Do this mean that NextAlarm might help me overcome the M1's missing capability of not being able to send the violated zone via email? That sounds too good to be true. I'll check. :lol: