New Orleans Live Scanner


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I ran across this on the web, and thought you guys might be interested. It is a Winamp file for listening to the rescue frequencies live in New Orleans. It is in stereo, enabling more than one conversation at a time of the ballance is centered. Move your ballance to the left or right and you can narrow it down to one conversation/frequency.

On an interesting note, I have a 6.1 surround system hooked to my computer, and the conversations seem to be in surround sound when the ballance is centered. For instance the right speaker sounds like it is to the right, and the left sounds back behind me somewhere. This makes it pretty easy to listen to both conversations at the same time, kind like a crowded room.

Just download the attached zip, extract and double click the scanner.pls to listen with WinAmp.


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Sorry Guys! It was working all day for me, and now it looks like they have discontinued the feed.... ;)
Ok, must have just been a glitch... It was out all day yesterday...... it is one again working here.